Alta Major Chakra

Did you know there was a very special chakra located at the base of your skull? There are many names for this chakra, but the formal name is Alta Major. It is the spiritual gateway or door to the higher frequencies. It is closely associated with the Crystalline Grid, and can carry energy of past lives and also influences our soul purpose. Referred to as “The Breath of God,” the “Ascension Chakra,” “The Seat of Consciousness,” or “Well of Dreams”, it is very much connected with vision, spiritually and physically.

In this course, we will activate the Alta Major Chakra, and learn how to use this chakra for access to the higher frequencies and realms. We will also talk about how to protect this area. Since this is a gateway, we need to be diligent in our intentions about the energies we allow to connect with this chakra.

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